Big systems need Big Power.  A good quality LOUD sounding system starts with quality pro audio drivers and tweeters. Once you have found the Krome Audio loudspeaker and super tweeter combo that works best for you, it is time to give them power. Not just any power, good clean power. The K4000HC has been designed to be the full range solution to a majority of loudspeaker builds. When running multiple loudspeakers finding an amplifier with power that can match the final impedance can be difficult. The K4000HC offers a great amount of clean power at 4ohm, 2 ohm and 1 ohm in stereo as well as 2 ohm and 4 ohm in mono. The HPF x10 feature paired with the Band-pass function allows for exact tuning, allowing the speakers to sound their best. An integrated multi-fan system allows for proper airflow amongst internal components along with extracting the unwanted heat.

K4000HC Specifications:

380×2 rms @ 13.8vdc @ 4 ohm stereo and 81% efficiency

600×2 rms @13.8vdc @ 2 ohm stereo and 78% efficiency

1000×2 rms @ 13.8vdc @ 1 ohm stereo and 69% efficiency

1175×1 rms @13.8vdc @ 4 ohm mono and 76% efficiency

1850×1 rms @ 13.8vdc @2 ohm mono and 70% efficiency

THD .05-.3

K4000HC Features:

Lowpass / Highpass / Bandpass

HPF x1 50Hz-500Hz / HPF x10 500Hz-5,000Hz

Bandpass 50Hz-8,000Hz

Clipping Indicator

80mm 11 Blade Internal Component Fan

25mm 6 Blade Heat Extraction Fan

9.5″W x 23.25″L x 2″H

Other amplifier models will be coming soon!