When your stereo’s EQ settings aren’t good enough, the Krome Audio KEQ7 will allow you to achieve optimal performance from your sound system.  This advanced graphic equalizer will provide 7 band of equalization and sound customization. At each of the band centers, a 12 dB boost/cut is offered to precisely adjust the frequencies of each band. It also features a dedicated subwoofer level output for enhanced subwoofer control. On the back, there is an auxiliary input for playing an additional audio source. The KEQ7 comes with brackets for mounting underneath a dash, in a console, or anywhere else that it fits and the removable face allows for custom installations. For an ideally tuned system, the KEQ7 equalizer can tune a system where other equalizers fall short.

7-Band Graphic Equalizer + Line Driver

-12 dB to +12dB (-15 dB to +15dB for subwoofer frequencies)

Equalization Levels 50 Hz, 125 Hz, 345 Hz, 750 Hz, 2.2 KHz, 6 KHz, and 16 kHz

Auxiliary Input with Source Select Switch

Adjustable Aux Input Sensitivity

Subwoofer Output Level Control

Gold-Plated Preamp Inputs and Outputs

Rotary Master Volume Control and Fader

6-Channel RCA Outputs

Selectable 60/90 Hz Low-Pass Crossover

Crossover Slope: 18 dB/octave

Maximum Output Level: 7V RMS

Input Sensitivity: 50mV–4V RMS

Signal-To-Noise Ratio (S/N): 100 dB

Frequency Response: 20-30,000 Hz

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.005 %

Removable Face for Custom Installation