Krome Audio Super Tweeters will get very loud with outstanding detail and clarity throughout their frequency range with minimal power input.  They are engineered to provide a superior high frequency range and compliment our line of loudspeakers. As with all Krome products, we use only the best build materials available to provide long lasting use. Rather than an ABS housing we offer a light weight cast aluminum frame,  use high temp adhesives and the best HPF capacitors available.  Both Super Tweeters are re-conable in the event of any issues.

ST30 Specifications:

Power Handling: 25 watts RMS/60 watts MAX • Impedance: 4 ohms • Frequency response: 2,000-20,000 Hz • SPL: 105 dB 1W/1m • Mounting Depth: 2″ • Face Dimensions: 3″x3″

ST50 Specifications:

Power Handling: 75 watts RMS/160 watts MAX • Impedance: 4 ohms • Frequency response: 1,500-24,000 Hz • SPL: 112 dB 1W/1m • Mounting Depth: 2.375″ • Face Dimensions: 4″x4″